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Did you Know? Over 50% of our Contact Lens Wears Use Daily Disposables.

contact in solutionThe doctors at Armstrong & Small Eye Care Centre recently hit a milestone with their contact lens fitting modality options when 2014's fitting statistics showed that over 50% of contact lenses fit at our practice were daily disposables.  The wear-once and dispose modality has many advantages including reducing the risk for infection since they patient is putting a brand new lens on their eye each time they wear contact lenses thus reducing the risk of contamination from a dirty lens or even from a contact lens case (often the source for contamination).  

This improved safety profile also makes daily disposables the go-to lenses when fitting children and teens.  Compliancy is often an issue with 2-week and monthly replacement lenses as patients will often over wear their lenses.  This is much less of an issue for a lens that is designed for one time use.  

Periodic contact lens wearers also enjoy the daily disposable option as they don't have to worry about a case or solution and can easily wear for sports and social events. The same goes for water sports where there is a potential for contamination.  Our doctors and staff also find that many of our patients prefer this modality for travel again not requiring any case or solution.

More and more alternatives in the daily disposable modality are becoming available to patients including being able to fit those who have astigmatism or those who require a bifocal or multifocal lens.  Interesting to note that nearly 90% of lenses fit in Europe and Asia are daily disposable.  The doctors at Armstrong and Small believe strongly in this modality as the best option for their patients and continue to attempt to match international trends.