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LASIK & Refractive Surgery Co-Management

LASIK consultation in Winnipeg, MBThe eye doctors at Armstrong & Small Eyecare Centre have extensive experience in the pre-operative evaluation and post-operative care of LASIK and other vision correction procedures.

Dr. Luke Small worked exclusively for two years in Camarillo, California for well-known refractive surgeon Dr. Paul Dougherty, MD. Seeing hundreds of refractive surgery patients pre and post-operatively gave Dr. Small a wealth of knowledge in terms of discussing expectations prior to surgery and helping them navigate the healing process after surgery.

In Winnipeg Armstrong & Small Eyecare Centre has worked closely with Image Plus Laser Eye Centre for over 15 years. Both Dr. Jim Wiens, MD  and Dr. Guillermo Rocha, MD  who work out of Image Plus Laser Centre are respected leaders in their fields and two surgeons that our doctors highly recommend when it comes to refractive surgery.

During the pre-operative analysis our doctors will evaluate your eyes and discuss your visual goals to help determine if you are an appropriate candidate for LASIK, PRK or Cataract Refractive Technology. If you have appropriate goals and there are no contraindications for the procedure, we will recommend a preoperative
evaluation to determine suitability for refractive surgery. This evaluation includes:

  • Counseling on refractive surgery options
  • Eye dominancy testing
  • Review of eye history and refractive stability
  • Medical evaluation of the cornea and eye
  • Current Refraction Status
  • Astigmatism Diagnosis

If after the pre-operative evaluation, the decision is made to proceed with surgery, your information will be forwarded to the surgeon, a pre surgery consult with a surgeon will be scheduled. Post-operative management will be provided by our optometrists in Downtown Winnipeg, MB, and includes multiple visits over a period from the date of surgery to include medical evaluation and management of the vision and corneal healing. Evaluation of any additional needs such as reading glasses, sunglasses, or enhancement laser procedures is also included.

LASIK is currently the most popular vision-correcting or "refractive" surgery available. But there are other options as well. We will help you find the ideal solution to your problem and partner with the best surgeon to perform your procedure.

For more information on what procedures are available, please see the links above for either Dr. Wiens or Dr. Rocha.