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Daily Disposable Contact Lenses

contact on fingerDaily disposable replacement lenses are the lens modality of choice for the doctors and contact lens fitters at Armstrong & Small Eye Care Centre. Each of the four major contact lens brands makes their version of this type of lens and our doctors and contact lens fitters will be able to choose the right brand that is best suited for your eyes. Advantages of daily disposable lenses are numerous and include:

  • Patients get that “new, fresh pair” feeling everyday
  • No need for a case or solution
  • The potential for infection drops significantly when you dispose of your lenses everyday
  • Great for travelling without having to travel with the many contact lens accessories
  • Remembering when to change to a new lens becomes significantly easier for better wearing compliance
  • No cleaning required

Daily disposable lenses are now available for patients with astigmatism (daily toric contact lenses) and with presbyopia (daily multi-focal contact lenses). Daily disposables are also now available in the latest state-of-the-art material known as silicone hydragel.