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Wonderful Friendly Atmosphere

I have been a patient with the Drs “ Smalls” since 1974. I have appointments once a year and in cases more than once a year. I always feel I receive very detailed, in depth attention to my eyes and their future. Wonderful friendly atmosphere ... caring personal feeling and you are listened to and taken seriously. They keep so up to date in their field. The new routine of having the technicians bring you to the examining room and doing basics is a great idea....reduces doctors spending time on the basics, hence more time with the patient and their issues. One routine of this office is I so appreciate is I have not experienced long wait times. I have been in many situations elsewhere since my retirement that the working people feel retirees have all the time in the world and in no rush..not true....we are not the retirees of the past generation...we are busy, engaged, contributing people. I believe this office recognizes this and i thank them and thank them for all these years of taking such good care of me. When I leave that office I know i got all my issues attended to and have no worries.

- Mary. J.